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Living with a sister

Living with a sister
It was April 2002, the first day I saw her. This small bundle of screaming, crying, smelly baby, with a little touch of cuteness, was introduced to me as my baby sister, also known as Soumya. I was 7 years and 4 months old when I first took her in my arms. I never thought to have a sister will make my life so easy and wonderful.    Having a sister is like having a best friend with you forever -  the one who will never leave your side no matter what. Growing up in a house with only sisters is a blessing. She is fun, caring, protective and of course super awesome. Having a sister is like having a partner till your denture days. Want to share few things that I feel daily and how I survive living with her daily. My first blog dedicated to my sister. 1. Partner in crime She and I are like sugar and spice. She loves sugar while I prefer things sugar-free. She is foody and I... Oh, wait! everyone is foody but yeah not as much like her. :p But we are a strong team from which no one in my entire family can win(i supposed) We know where to keep each other's back. We know when to stab each other's back (especially complaining to parents' ) Every time we need some help convincing our parents about anything, I know I have won half the battle because I have her by your side or vice-versa. And I really don't need anyone else's company for a movie or dinner, because I know who to drag along. 2.  Sharing that one damn room Sharing a room with a sister is never a problem. I can sleep the way I want to sleep(that mostly includes how she sleeps, because I have to roll on one corner of the bed so that she could dance all night on bed in her sleep! ), have your clothes all over the room and not bother to hide the packets of sanitary napkins (Well that's a first priority to hide packets whenever our cousins arrive). Yes, I can change into my night suit and not wear a bra and be completely comfortable with her in the room! Although sharing a room also means running and getting into bed first, so that you are not the one who has to turn off the light!                                    3. Fights..  HAHAHA Whoever said that a house full of sisters is a peaceful house is clearly mistaken. We have serious battles. Right from bathroom battles in the morning to arguments and fights over every little issue – sister fights never end! Especially, If the sister is 'Soumya'(she loves fights). If anyone tries to come between our fights (mostly Mum) We become a single team and starts fighting with the referee(who was actually trying to solve) Although, we mostly forget all that they ever said to each other the next morning – and often even forget the reason they fought. fights [embed][/embed]   4. Life is "SHARING" I, as a first born child, hated sharing. But since the day she came, I am just sharing.  She actually taught me sharing. Now we share clothes, makeup, jewellery and everything I own. Not only things I also learnt to share all my problems and there is nobody in this world who will understand them better; she, being the youngest one, gives the best advice- or you can, say vice a verse ;) But of course, She doesn't like sharing her food! [embed][/embed] This is all about how I spend my day with her. I love her and at the same time, I hate her. But can never imagine my life without her :*  


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