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10 Foods you need to Stay Away from during your Periods | Garden of Yums | Drizzle & Dazzle

10 Foods you need to Stay Away from during your Periods | Garden of Yums | Drizzle & Dazzle
Hey boy, are you my period? Because you are annoying as hell but I still wanna see you regularly !! 10 Foods you need to Stay Away from during your Periods Let’s be real. Having a period cannot be counted amongst the most pleasant experience for a woman. You have terrible cramps; you feel someone is stabbing in your stomach; and when you sneeze and you feel like a leaking tube of ketchup. Maybe if all the pain you have to endure during your periods burnt calories, the entire ordeal would have some sort of positivity attached with it. But unfortunately it is not the case, which is the reason many women think period pains are something obnoxious you have to bear without complaining as it at least ensures that you are not pregnant. You are terribly scared of wearing white pants, you feel chubby and agitated and it seems like a dinosaur is sitting inside you. All the hormonal changes results in abnormal mood swings. You feel like bursting into tears one moment and the very next are overwhelmed by urge to guzzle huge amount of calories.  You may be aware that certain foods are a definite ‘No-No’ during your periods,  but more often than not you tend to ignore such proscribed items because the food with the least amount of nutrients taste the most wonderful. But if you really desire to get rid of the intense pain and the bloating that usually accompanies your monthly rendezvous with something that makes you sad, emotional, sentimental, wise, aggressive and irritable all at once, it is best to eat nutrient--dense food. Your hormones are in a state of turmoil constantly going up and down, which in itself can be off-putting both psychologically and physically. Yep! All those pastries, pizzas, pastas, burgers and samosas could be immensely tempting, but remember that this is the time your body needs healthy foods to ensure that you don’t feel even worse. Unhealthy eating during periods may accentuate your discomfort by leading to muscle pain, cramps, indigestion, headaches, bloating, etc. Keeping this in mind we present here list of 10 food items that be complete struck off your list during your periods. Processed Food Bloating is common during menstruation and gorging on processed food is going to further complicate the symptoms.  Keep away from greasy and sweet foods no matter how much you crave for them. Sodas, carbonated beverages, and foods with high salt content will lead to water retention adding to puffy feeling in your stomach. Red Meat Red meats are high in saturated fat which can lead to cramping, acne, bloating, etc. If you cannot live without meat, there are better options available like chickens, fish, etc. Fried Food Fried food items contain trans-fats or hydrogenated vegetable oil, which can elevate Estrogen levels in your body and cause major mood swings. Alcohol Stay away from alcohol if you do want to feel worse during your periods. If you think that a shot or two can actually help you out, you are dead wrong for it will worsen your conditions. Dairy Products Eating dairy products like milk, cream and cheese can actually trigger menstrual cramps as they contain arachidonic acid which can exacerbate your condition. Have buttermilk instead for it will sooth your stomach. You can also have your daily calcium from substitute pills. Refined Grains Refined grains can cause further bloating and constipation. Opt for whole grains to ensure your digestive functions run smoothly. Caffeine Drinks like coffee contain elevated levels of caffeine which can lead to dehydration, sleep deprivation and anxiety. Sugary Food Hormonal changes during periods cause instability in blood sugar level. Sugary foods will aggravate the situation, which can give rise to anxiety, mood swings, tensions, etc. Spicy n Salty Food Spicy n Salty foods can trigger hot flashes, acne, rashes, water retention etc. They can give you bloating and also disrupt your period cycle and disturb lining of your stomachs and intestines. So, take care ladies.  

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